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Get personalized marketing campaign ideas and creative assets that will help you sell. Want us to run your campaign for you? We can do that too.

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The problem

Growing your business is hard

When it comes to marketing your Shopify store, you’ve only really had two options:

Over-work yourself doing it solo

Trying to put together ad visuals while staying up to date on new social media trends gets exhausting.

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Coming up with marketing ideas is hard

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Staying up to date with trends is impossible

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Tracking results gets impossible


Hire a freelancer or agency

Getting someone else to do your marketing takes the weight off your shoulders, but costs thousands.

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Finding the right team is hard

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Working with external teams is expensive

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Lots of complicated paperwork


Our solution

Meet Zolt

Zolt is an AI-powered marketing agency that can help you grow your Shopify store.

Customized marketing ideas

Receive marketing ideas to your inbox. Personalized to your store, designed to increase conversions.

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Feedback on your ads

Get your ads analyzed, with recommendations on how to increase clicks and engagement.

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Store reviews

Receive comprehensive assessments on your website's design, content, and SEO, with feedback on how to improve.

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Seamlessly connect Zolt to Shopify and your marketing tools for more in-depth insights and analytics.

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Growth analytics

Track your marketing campaigns and sales to see what's working, and receive recommendations on how to improve.

How it works

Get set up in seconds


Sign up. Enter your URL and email—it's that easy!

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Sit back and relax. While you relax, Zolt's AI reviews your site, analyzing your business and target audience.

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Receive customized marketing advice. Delivered your inbox, filled with ways to grow your business.

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Our Plans


Zolt Starter


Get customized marketing campaign ideas and free website and ad reviews.

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Zolt Pro


Let Zolt take care of your marketing, combining AI tools and our expert designers.

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Free website review

Receive a report with suggestions on how to modify your site to increase sales!

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Join 4,000+ using Zolt to help grow their business

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Molly P.

Shopify Store Owner

“It’s like having a team of consultants working on my business’s biggest problems while I sleep”

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Jake T.

Startup Founder

“Where has this been all my life. What a brilliant application of AI. Saves me 20 hours a week.”

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Matt S.

SaaS Founder

“It gets better the more I use it. Can’t wait to see where this is in a year.”

White woman with long brown hair leaning against white wall in office looking at the camera.

Sarah B.

Small Business Owner

“If you’re a business owner who isn’t starting their day with Zolt, you’re kind of shooting yourself in the foot”

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Beth W.

Marketing Manager

“Happy to say I no longer need to sign in to 5 tools to understand what’s happening across my business”

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A dedicated team of experts focused on seeing you grow

Hey, we're Rush and Jack.

We're the co-founders here at Zolt. Over the past few years we’ve had the chance to work with companies like:

Ryan Holiday picture

Daily Stoic and Ryan Holiday with 4+ million followers across Instagram and YouTube

Katelyn Bourgoin picture

Kate Bourgoin with 130K followers on Twitter

Columbia university

Columbia University with 396K followers on Instagram

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Check out our work

Take a look at work we’ve done for other clients, from website reports and redesigns to social media ads.

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Expert marketing to grow your store

Get rid of marketing headaches with the help of Zolt!